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John Constantine

The King of All Bastards

This is a character journal which exists solely as a means for me to play the character John Constantine (of DC Comics/Vertigo's Hellblazer) in online RPG's. If you want to see the real me, fanfic I've written, and such, check out my personal LJ: [info]amberdiceless

John is somewhere in his mid-forties, but often comes across as older due to the fact that his life has been absolute shit. He's blond, medium-tall, bears something of a resemblance to Sting and smokes like a chimney. He's usually seen wearing an unremarkable button-down shirt and tie, trousers and a beloved trench coat that's seen better days. Those who possess otherworldy or unusually acute senses will note immediately that there's something very weird and unsettling about him, that being a heavy contamination with magic--white, black and Other--and an inborn tendency to attract weirdness wherever he goes. A native of Liverpool, England, he speaks with a pronounced accent and at a slightly rough, medium-bass pitch.

Mun and muse over 18.